False Robotics / Dub / No Water / Dub

Artist Night Scoops
Format 12
Condition Mint
Riddim Chango Records finishes 2010s with their 9th vinyl release. The brand new 4 track EP features contemporary Stepper sound by a new project “Night Scoops” which consists of Dub Kazman and Hiroshi Takakura.

Dub Kazman is an Osaka raised young-veteran producer. His strong dubplate/releases has been consistently played all over the world by leading soundsystem, Iration Steppas and O.B.F to name a few. Now he runs Rough Signal Records and released killer tracks with Errol Bellot and Pupajim and more.

Hiroshi Takakura is a guy behind Riddim Chango records, has been working with 1TA for all of releases released on the contemporary Dub and soundsystem music from far east. They both live in Roots/Dub capital in Japan, Kujo, Osaka, has produced together for a couple of years since Hiroshi’s return from long-residency in UK. 2 of dubplates which are already setting fire on soundsystem sessions were chosen for this release.

A side “False Robotics” is an absolute Steppers banger with inspiration from 90s acid synth. Part-2 is recklessly dub-mixed by Dub Kazman to emphasize its roughness. On the flipside, “No Water” built by solid 4x4 kick, Korg’s Mono/Poly synth and fat bassline were merged together into a new Night Scoops style with electro dub feelings. Followed by the low-end focused Dub version which show strength of Dub music and deep audio perspective.

Strictly limited 300 pressings.

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